No, not the way you think. I don’t wear hats to cover up my thinning hair – at least not yet. I don’t wear hats to promote my favorite team. I don’t have a signature hat…

BUT I do wear a lot of hats.

I’m a photographer and I am a videographer. I’ve done these things for many years.

I’m an audio guy – having started in the NYC music scene, in-studio with my band and the bands I released via three record labels and carried it through to live performances and festivals.

I’m a writer and have spent much of the past two decades or more contributing to dailies, weeklies, monthlies and quarterly publications.

I sell advertising, all sorts over the years. If you’ve ever seen the ads before a movie, I may have been why. I also sell for print – currently for the Mountain Eagle NY, aka the Windham Weekly, aka the Tri-County News – serving Greene County, Delaware County, and Schoharie County where our current flagship the Schoharie News originates.

The papers are all really one animal, covering the region like nobody else – and I mean no one!

In each area, a different section wraps the paper and an ad in one is an ad in all.

Maybe you’ve got a small business in the service sector; you’re an accountant, masseuse, yoga instructor roofer or a builder, or a house painter. Perhaps you run a restaurant or even two; have a hardware store, a tattoo shop or something else.

Perhaps you’re part of something much larger.

Your advertising needs might be ongoing, after all who doesn’t need to constantly build their customer base? Or your needs might be more sporadic – like a push around the holidays – a barbecue sale around Memorial Day; even something as short-term as a BBQ Chicken Fundraiser. Brooks anyone?

If you’re new to the world of advertising, or have never put a lot of thought into it, I can answer question and offer guidance. Perhaps you’ve advertised before and feel it’s time to put your company back out there. Maybe you’ve advertised with another Catskill Mountain News outlet and find yourself needing a new venue.

Today’s Tip: Understanding Impressions.

If you think advertising impressions are the feelings you get about a business from their ad – you’re on the right track but way, way down the line.

Impressions are basically the number of times you see an ad.

If it’s a billboard, that might be each time the car goes past on the way to the market.

If it’s a radio ad, it might be each time one walks into the convenience store at the precise moment that ad is by chance playing.

If it’s a print ad, say … in the weekly paper, it’s every week when your customers pick up that paper or read a digital copy online.

Over time impressions build familiarity – sometimes to you’re not even sure how you know a business, just that you do.

Impressions also build trust.

If a business is in the paper week after week, you know they’re not likely just a band of crooked contractors following a hurricane.

I’d like to help you get in front of your customers, week after week or as often as makes sense. I’d like to help you build that trust with the folks who don’t know you yet!

You can call 845 430 4030 or email, or Download the rate cardto get started.

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