I am a writer.

I write fiction. I write features. I write news. I write this blog. I write for pleasure. I write for fun. I write for pay.

Much of what I write is self-edited. No matter the time or care that goes into it errors are almost entirely unavoidable. It’s regrettable.

It is simply not possible to effectively edit one’s own writing as well as one can edit the writing of another.

That said, when self-editing the beginning is typically easiest. Then with familiarity, errors creep in.

Knowing what you expect to see or have already written your mind gets ahead of the process.

I’m therefore always disturbed when the easy part ‘disappoints.’

The photo above, of a section of an enormous promotional poster, is not of my own work.

However, even an amateur editor should have caught the error. I’m simply embarrassed by it.

It shows a sort of disregard for the technology used to create, the ink or toner used to print and the tree that gave its life for the paper on which it was created

I am reminded of the plaque recently presented by a Chamber of Commerce, that spelled a woman’s name two different ways on the same plaque.


Thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

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