Making it Simple (to Like You!)

Originally published on LinkedIn April 17, 2016

Recently – was asked to “like” a local business on Facebook, and typed the address in exactly as indicated – because, well, I like the business. Alas – page not found. I did the leg work, it’s worth it, found the page and messaged the business with the correction, hoping they correct the field in their invoicing software.

As a business writer, I routinely came across press releases with typos. That’s a fact of life. (There may be some here, even. This isn’t for publication – oh wait… )

The errors that got to me the most were where a business name was spelled two or more ways within a single document, or phone numbers missing digits. The omissions were along those same lines. No physical address for a cafe. Lack of an area code for less-than-obvious exchange, that sort of thing.

I confess, I’m guilty of a little business identity schizophrenia. I operate in multiple realms or disciplines if you prefer. Occasionally I intentionally blur or even obfuscate if it serves a purpose.

The call to action, however, must be easy for the actor.

Surely I’m one in a million, figuratively speaking. We are interested in the process and therefore sometimes go the extra digital mile to decipher the intentions of those making the call.

It may be months before I have the opportunity to check this company’s invoice for an update. Or perhaps, they’ll message me back. In any case, I wish them much success. I believe the little things matter.

Update: 12/3/16: Fixed. These folks get it. Fix the little things and the big things may take care of themselves.

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